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Buildings and Contents

Your home is your world. We understand the needs of private clients and our policies are designed specifically to protect you if the worst should happen. Our clients trust us to look after their home insurance, year after year.

All of the insurers on our panel are chosen for their financial security, claims handling excellence and value for money. When you apply for cover through us, we will accurately divine your requirements, make a presentation to insurers and make a recommendation to you on what we believe to be your best option. We make it as simple as possible for you to place your insurance so that you can be confident in the cover you have.

Private Clients

Anthony Wakefield & Co. have been providing high-net-worth private clients with insurance for over 30 years and we advise our clients on their insurance requirements and how best to meet them. We can help you to ensure that you have adequate cover so that you are not disappointed in the event of a claim, focussing on value for money as opposed to the cheapest cover available. We provide expert, independent advice and negotiate terms with insurers to find the right policy.

What we do

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Account Handling

Having a dedicated account handler ensures you are getting the best possible service.
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We advise you on the best policy to suit your insurance needs.
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Our onsite claims handling service are here to help when you need it the most.
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It is all too easy to find insurance with a low premium. Unfortunately, cheap cover often lacks the features and benefits which make a policy worthwhile. Policies available with our insurers usually include:

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Alternative Accommodation

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Alternative accommodation cover if you can’t live in your home following a disaster.

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Worldwide Cover

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Worldwide cover (including accidental damage) for your contents, meaning your personal possessions are covered wherever you are while temporarily removed.

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Home Emergency

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Home emergency cover to cover the costs of emergency assistance if there is an issue at your home such as damage to the roof or the failure of heating or power.

Private Collections

For those clients with substantial jewellery and/or art collections, we can arrange cover on an ‘agreed value’ basis. We can provide practical advice on security and signpost you towards specialists who can help establish the values of your collections and how best to protect them.

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